Inventing the future

Infrastructure for a New Rewards Paradigm

Creating a future where rewards are ubiquitous and interoperable requires a technological foundation that allow businesses and consumers to easily connect across platforms. We have developed the building blocks of a new 'trustless' system that we call Frictionless Open RewardsTM.


Gone are the days of having to negotiate between brands, coalitions, and service providers to connect rewards programs. Issue rewards, and they become instantly redeemable across the ecosystem.

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Creating rewards is easy, getting people to actually use them is hard. It's high friction for both businesses and consumers. So, we make it easy to create an efficient, effective and sustainable program, no gimmicks required.

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Traditional 'open' rewards offerings are not designed to be fair for all participants. They are either dominated by a single party or can be easily gamed by those with the resources. We have engineered a system that drives value to all participants, big and small.

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Every component is engineered to leverage unique data to optimize individual rewards programs, their utility for consumers, and the overall health of the larger rewards economy.

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As a global connector, our infrastructure is API- and SDK-based. Regardless of whether a business has an existing rewards program or is just starting out, they can connect to our APIs for plug-and-play functionality.

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Launching rewards

The Building Blocks

We have a rich roadmap of innovation to unveil in support of the global rewards economy. The first two major releases are the Me Marketplace and the Me Protocol, which provide the needed user experience and the technological underpinnings to make Frictionless Open RewardsTM successful at scale.

Me Marketplace

The Me Marketplace is a specialized consumer marketplace built for Frictionless Open RewardsTM. Business easily launch and manage their rewards, while consumers redeem their rewards across curated products from around the world. It's simple, and effective, reducing the burden on brands to create attractive programs.

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Me Protocol

The Me Protocol is the core infrastructure module enabling Frictionless Open RewardsTM. It solves a number of hard problems allowing reward systems to interoperate in a truly 'trustless' way. The Me Marketplace is powered by the Me Protocol.

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solving hard problems

The Technology

We believe that the best technology is that which you never see, but makes your life easier nonetheless. While businesses and consumers may never 'see' the sophisticated AI or blockchain technologies that enable Frictionless Open RewardsTM, there is indeed hard-core technology powering their simple user experience.

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Our primary focus is on creating a fair, equitable and immensely valuable rewards economy for all participants. Part of this is achieved through specific engineering marvels such as the Me Protocol. Equally, we need to collect and analyze unique data to help us proscriptively optimize the economy. Machine learning and AI are core to this endeavor.

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To interoperate rewards in a trustless way, we needed to create a system that was transparent, traceable, secure and scaleable. We also wanted to use a new variation that we invented to a special technique called 'automated market making', to ensure rewards could be both 'liquid' and economically viable for businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to shape the future of AI, creating digital experiences that inform, engage, and inspire a global audience.

How can I get started?

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The best way to get started is send us a message in our. contact form. If you are a business and want to start setting up your rewards, you can also signup at

What businesses can participate?

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Any business that wants to create rewards, whether they have an existing program or just getting started. We can also help non-profits and other parties integrate.

What if I'm a service provider or building an App or marketplace?

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If you plan to issue rewards or help other businesses issue or manage rewards get in touch. we can help you integrate with our infrastructure to 5x the value of your rewards.